Jun 30, 2015

Five Things Not to Miss on Long Island

As Fourth of July weekend rapidly approaches and you scramble to get a last minute seat on the Jitney, we are here to put your mind at ease for when you finally disembark on your journey from the mean streets of the city to the literally greener pastures of the East End of Long Island! Here are some spots we can't return to the city without visting when we're out East.

Magic Fountain— What's summer without ice cream? What's a trip to the North Fork without Magic Fountain? Simply incomplete. We love this long-standing ice cream shop and the range of flavors available. The homemade ice cream is seasonal, so look out for some of our favorite flavors, including cocnut avocado and lavender!

The Dock Bar— There are few things we appreciate more than a cheeky chalkboard, and The Dock Bar is one of the few places that consistently delivers. A traditionally "anti-Hamptons" spot, The Dock serves some of the best bar food we've ever had with equally great beers, not to mention $1 drafts. Order the Nachos and The Fish Sandwich, but save room for dessert, the peanut butter pie is the star of the meal. In fact, order the pie first and then your meal— it's THAT good. 

1943 Pizza Bar— As New Yorkers, native or honorary, it's important to always have a plan for pizza in your travels. 1943 Pizza Bar grew out of the pizza truck, Rolling in Dough, and its brick and mortar does not disappoint. With customizable pies with toppings that include Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Little Neck Clams, you're sure to find your pizza destiny at 1943, but do NOT forget to order the meatballs. 

Shinn Estate Vineyards and Farmhouse— We wouldn't send you to Long Island Wine Country without suggesting at least one Vineyard to visit! Shinn Estate makes some of the best wine on the East End, and we want to move in to the cozy farmhouse inn and never return to city life. The tasting room is open daily throughout the summer and in addition to the delicious wines (we love the Wild Boar Doe and the Sauvignon Blanc), they serve cheese and charcuterie. But best of all, there is a monthly farm dinner on the property that combines all of the best local produce, and of course Shinn Estate wines. You won't want to miss it!

Briermere Farm— As your holiday weekend comes to a close, you can savor the very best of Long Island by bringing some of it back with you. Stop by Briermere Farm and pickup some goods made on the farm: jams, breads, and pastries to bring back with you, but while you're there, get the Raspberry Cream Pie for yourself. It needs to be eaten cold, so bring some forks and eat it on your way back to the city if you can handle the envious glares and occassional salivation from your seatmates.