Jun 8, 2015

We left our heart in San Francisco!

We feel like the theme of this year could be "Going Back To Cali" because we've spent a good amount of time on the West Coast. There are worse lots in life! This is our top five from our last trip!


FINALLY! We had a chance to pop into Chef Charles Bililies’ fantastic Greek Sandwich Shop. We’re still arguing over whether we love the Chicken Salad or the Lamb Gyro more. Why argue when you can just order them both? And since you’re going all out, don’t miss the fries!


This new hotel bar features bites from Top Chef Alum, Heather Terhune and an extensive cocktail list from Kevin Diedrich who we first fell for at Bourbon & Branch. Chef Heather’s biscuit gives us a run for our money and Kevin’s Snap Pea Cocktail is the epitome of spring in a glass.


We’re big fans of Frances, so we were anxious to check out Chef Melissa Perello’s latest and greatest. Her take on the “Deviled Egg” is nothing short of genius. And while we are craving warm weather, we’d eat her Green Garlic Soup on the hottest day!

Liholiho Yacht Club

We’ve been following Chef Ravi Kapur since his supper club days, so we were like kids at Christmas when we finally had a chance to eat the food at his new restaurant.

The Octopus changed our life. And the Fried Cornish Hen made us mad we hadn’t thought about it for the Birds & Bubbles menu. But the Baked Hawaii was the showstopper! Oh, and all of the cocktails!

Café Du Nord

We are all Thomas all the time! Yes, Chef Thomas McNaughton is really on fire. Flour + Water has been a favorite of ours since it opened six years ago. And then we fell for Central Kitchen and got a huge crush on Trick Dog where the drinks are outstanding but the Kale Salad is the real star.

But now Chef Thomas and his team are really stealing our hearts with their latest venture – reopening Café Du Nord, the 100 year old Swedish American Hall.

We were lucky enough to be a part of the first dining experience in their majestic Hogwarts-esque dining room and are still in awe of how ridiculous this space is. It opens June 17th and the word on the street is all Champagne is 50% off after midnight. Sign. Us. Up.


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