Jun 4, 2015

Top Five in Toronto

When Sarah was a child her family took a trip to Toronto. It was her first time in a “big city” and she was so taken with it that she stood up to introduce herself to her fellow first graders on the first day of school and announced she “wanted to be a Canadian when she grew up.”

Cooking at the Terrior Symposium alongside some of North America’s best female chefs brought her back as a grown up. She didn’t come back with dual citizenship, but she had some tasty notes to share.


We love Chef David Chang and think Shoto is our favorite of all the Momofuku restaurants. Try to snag a reservation for Tuesday or Wednesday when the tasting menu is only $95!

Bar Isabel

Order the El Vivaz and a Woman Scorned while you wait for a table; Don’t miss the Sweetbreads, Arbol Chili Chickpeas, and the Squid.

Parts and Labour

Chef Matty Matheson is our hero! You can’t go wrong with any of the dishes on his menu but we loved the Octopus.


Don’t tell Chef Scott Vivian but we have a big old crush on him! The Baby Bok Choy and Celery Root Steak blew our minds. Also don’t miss the Sweetbreads, Squid, and the Chocolate Banoffee Pie.

Home of the Brave

Order the Fried Bologna Sandwich, Philly Cheesesteak, and the Freedom Fries. Wash it down with a “Bourbon & Beer” which may be the best boozy root beer we’ve ever tasted.