Jun 4, 2015

Cambridge is the New Black!

Give our pal (and fellow CITY GRIT guest chef!) Chef Barry a high five because he just won the James Beard Award. He was one of the OG Chefs behind the boom that exploded into what is the amazing Cambridge dining scene. Word is he is moving on from Hungry Mother to work on some new projects. We're excited to see what's next for him. In the meantime, here are some of our best bites across the bridge in Boston!


If Chef Matthew is around, give him a hug from CITY GRIT! Also start with the Egg in a Jar, Skate Cheeks, and The Black Tuscan Kale. We will dream about the Venison for years.

Belly Wine Bar

Sommelier Liz Vilardi will blow your mind with her ridiculous wine lists! Just put yourself in her hands…after you order the salumi and cheese!


Every morsel of Chef Ana Sortun’s food is amazing. We almost died over the Tunisian-Style Farm Egg Brik & Octopus Shish.


We can’t get enough of Chef Ana. Or the Meze Platters. Or the Stuffed Flatbread!

Alden and Harlow

We'll take all the snacks. And pretty much everything Chef Michael Scelfo is serving up. As for the 16 hour Coppa, we'll take two!