Our ultimate goal is to create a unique and amazing dining experience with every dinner. Because we don’t operate like a typical restaurant or an underground supper club, we thought we’d give you some insights based on what people ask us the most:

Wait, is this a store or a restaurant? Actually it’s neither. We partnered with our friends at WRK design to turn an old school house into a warm and inviting dining room featuring WRK’s hand-crafted furniture. WRK uses the space as a showroom during the day and CITY GRIT uses the space as a dining room at night. So while we’re not a full-on store or restaurant, it’s true that almost everything is for sale.

We like to tell guests, “if you like the food, you can buy another ticket to a dinner tomorrow, if you like your chair you can buy it and take it home today!"
Are all events by reservation or ticket only? Yes, true to our supper club roots, all dining experiences are ticketed events. We try to be as accommodating as possible, but accommodating walk-ins is really hard for us as most of our events sell out within the first week of posting the event. Often we have multiple people trying to get into a dinner with only room to squeeze one guest in. So until we can figure out a fair way to choose one guest to join us and leave the others hungry on the stoop, we can’t promise to accommodate walk-ins.
How does the waiting list work? If an event is sold out, you can either fill out the “Waiting List" form or email events@citygritnyc.com to place your name on the waiting list. If a ticket holder can’t make it and let’s us know at least 24 hours ahead of time, we will begin contacting the members on the wait-list and make an introduction for a trade.

This should be easier than it is and as tech geeks, we dreaming of a solution where ticket holders and ticket wanters can find each other and connect without us being the middleman.

Is there an easier way to settle my beverage bill, and any additional items, at the end of the night?

Do I tip my server?

Finally, we have an exciting announcement that will revolutionize dining at City Grit! We're adopting a new payment method called Cover. It's a mobile app that allows you to pay your tab with the click of a button. If you setup an account (for free) you can pick CITY GRIT as your dining location, tell the server you'd like to pay with Cover and your bill will be settled up instantaneously! All you need to know is our access code: citygrit. Try it out and let us know what you think.

In addition to creating a warm dining environment, the friendly and service oriented CITY GRIT service team is laser focused on making sure every guest has an excellent customer experience, whether it’s directing them to the restroom or telling them more about the wines featured on the wine menu.

However, while we do pay our servers more than average minimum wage, we only accept cash tips for the servers, we do not accept credit card tips.

How can I become a member? For $225 for one seat and $400 for two seats, you can have reserved seats every Thursday night at CITY GRIT, the first chance to buy tickets for premium events, AND 10% off all adult beverage purchases at all times over the course of a month. For more info, click the membership tab!
What if I have more questions? If you send an email to events@citygritnyc.com with your questions we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. You may also contact us at (646) 580-5720.

For media inquiries please contact elissa@ninthfloorpublicity.com.