About membership We're not trying to get all Soho House on you, but at the request of our most loyal customers, we wanted to offer a package of sorts for those who dine at CITY GRIT on a regular basis.

For $225 for one seat and $400 for two seats, you can have reserved seats every Thursday night at CITY GRIT, the first chance to buy tickets for premium events and 10% off all adult beverage purchases at all times over the course of the month.

Companies have purchased them as employee perks and rewards. And group of friends are going in together on a package to split up among their crew - it’s like a summer share in the Hamptons without the traffic.
How it works We have a number of limited spots open each month and they are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once they’re snapped up, we’ll start a waiting list for interested guests.

If you buy the membership and decide at some point that you hate fun and good food and don’t want to continue, just shoot a message to events@citygritnyc.com by the 20th of the month and we’ll cancel your membership for the next month.

No hard feelings, we’ll just contact the first person on the waiting list and give them the chance to join in on the fun!

So, go ahead and get on it while they last!
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