CITY GRIT began in 2011 with the mission to offer the best in class, yet affordable, food culture experiences to a broad range of consumers.  It become a platform where emerging chefs were able to showcase their talents and contribute to the artisan food community by identifying and helping foster the business of new producers in NYC and beyond.

In three years, that mission has been achieved – we've hosted over 200 guest chef dinners, featuring 18 James Beard Award Winners and 29 Finalists, 11 Bravo Top Chef Cheftestants, and 26 Food & Wine Best New Chefs. We’ve had the opportunity to introduce many up and coming chefs to the NYC dining community and bring recognition of other cities and artisans outside of New York that we know will be making an impact on the country’s food scene for years to come.

Through its carefully cultivated relationships, CITY GRIT is more than just good food; it’s redefining the American dining experience. When we aren't hosting dinners in NYC, we're on the road checking out old-school culinary pioneers and bright-eyed up and coming chefs in cities all over the world.

Each trip gives us the opportunity to dive into the food scene, meet talented chefs and artisan food makers and scope out points of interest for experiences we know the CITY GRIT fans will enjoy!