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CITY GRIT presents: Nancy Singleton Hachisu, author of Japanese Farm Food

Hey y’all—we are back and thrilled to kick off this fall with an international food superstar coming all the way to us from Japan!  Nancy Singleton Hachisu is one of those people that all chefs look up to, with her intense knowledge and passion for Japanese food, tools and traditions.  This California native has been living with her organic farmer husband on a Japanese farm for almost 30 years.  Nancy’s first cookbook, Japanese Farm Food, is a staple in households across the globe.  Her sophomore book, Preserving the Japanese Way, will be out in 2015 and has recipes featured in the current issue of Food & Wine.

Nancy is all about authenticity of Japanese food and without the very best artisanal products it is difficult to get Japanese dishes just right—but you are in luck because she has packed those goodies in her suitcase and brought them over from Japan--that's far y'all!

Come join us as we usher in a new season with Nancy and in a new CITY GRIT locale at our good friend Dave Santos’ Louro Restaurant in the West Village.

When: Tuesday, October 14th at 7:30pm
Where: Louro Restuarant 142 West 10th Street 
Price: $85 for one, $160 for two

CITY GRIT presents: Madrid Chefs Javier Goya, Javier Mayor and David Alfonso of TriCiclo

Hola Y’all-- We're sticking with our international theme this fall and proud to be hosting some amazing talent from Madrid, Spain. Spain has long since been synonymous with superior cuisine from Jose Andres to Ferrán Adrià’s El Bulli, and in the last few years Madrid as a city has slowly been becoming an international capital when it comes to gastronomy. 

Chef Javier Goya, Chef Javier Mayor and Chef David Alfonso teamed up just over a year ago to open the very successful TriCiclio.  Each chef comes with an impressive culinary background and these guys have had their hands in so many amazing kitchens, we are are talking a combined total of 17 Michelin stars!  

These tres have come together to create food that is both modern and traditional, which is a great feat for a cusine historically so steeped tradition.  They have also introduced a whole level to their menu by offering three different size portions for each dish.  This means we can ACTUALLY eat everything there is!!

These guys are so good we have them for 2 dinners.  Just think two of the best dinners you will have in Madrid without leaving New York-- Ole!

When: Sunday, November 2nd at 6:00pm AND Tuesday, November 4th at 7:30pm
Where: Louro Restuarant 142 West 10th Street (between Greenwich Ave and Waverly Place)
Price: $85 

CITY GRIT presents: Madrid Chef Estanis Carenzo-- Chef of Chefs

So many amazing chefs, not enough time—so we're getting crazy and switching it up with a Saturday lunch you won’t forget! Taking a page from the Spanish book, Chef Estanis Carenzo is about to show you how lunch is meant to be done! 

No soup, salad and sandwich combos in this neck of the woods!

Chef Estanis Carenzo, hails to us from Madrid by way of Argentina, France, New York, and Japan-- basically Sarah's culinary dream!  Can you imagine what kind of tricks he has? This “chef of chefs”, as he is known, does crossover cuisine like a true boss. When you have technique that was learned from L’Cote D’or in France and Daniel here in New York, sky is the limit.

This international chef is most well-known for his Asian cuisine done with local ingredients at Sudestada in Madrid.  Y’all won’t want to miss out on this Latin American, Spanish, Asian, CITY GRIT lunch extravaganza!

When: Saturday, November 8th at 1:00pm 
Where: Louro Restuarant 142 West 10th Street (between Greenwich Ave and Waverly Place)
Price: $55 

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